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Reception were eager to share their excellent maths knowledge with their parents in our ‘shared learning’ session.

They enjoyed exploring the classroom and making repeating patterns with different resources. At the end of the session they showcased some brilliant problem solving skills to spot mistakes in  patterns.   Please see the website “Gallery” for lots more pictures.

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Happy New Year from FoML!

We just wanted to thank you all for your hard work and support last term. We’re pleased to announce we’ve raised around £7,000 since September 2019 which is incredible. The bigger fundraisers included:-

Second Hand Uniform Sale – £148.84
Pumpkin Display – £137.20
Year 2 Cake Bake – £161.17
Tote Bags – £850.91
Christmas Fair and Raffle – £5,030.64
Wreath Making Workshop – £139.01

Christmas Fair

A huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported this year’s Christmas Fair. Our amazing parent community really pulled out all the stops to make the day a huge success. The atmosphere was truly magical, and I think everyone had a fantastic afternoon.

We’re thrilled to announced that the fair, plus the raffle and flash sale, raised over £5000 for the school. Incredible!

Pumpkin Parade

What an amazing turnout we have for the pumpkin parade. All your donations plus the gift aid we can claim raises an amazing £180.75 for the school. Well done to the winners and thank you to everyone who got involved.

Year 2 Cake Bake

Well done Year 2 – your cake bake raised a fantastic £165.81. Thank you to everyone who made cakes, bought cakes, helped to sell, and helped to eat. All the support is very much appreciated!

Monies raised so far Oct 2019 – Jan 2020


Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

Download the Friends of Manby Lodge PTA Minutes Jan 2020 PDF:

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