Parent Voice

It is very important to us at Manby Lodge that we work alongside parents and carers in the best interests of the child. We strive to achieve a genuine partnership between home and school.

All Class Representatives (Class Reps) support the work of the school by encouraging parents to come forward to attend events and help in school, in many cases they pass on valuable information from school.

We have set up a Parent Voice Forum which takes the form of a meeting every term. It is attended by Class Reps who are able to present the views of parents. We also endeavour to ensure that the meeting is attended by one of our School Governors.

If you would like to read the notes from our latest meeting please see the attached documents below:

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or contact Miss Miriam Morris, Headteacher.

Click to download our Home School Agreement : Download

Click to download our most recent Meeting Minutes (Autumn 2023):  Download

Spring 2 2023 : Download
Spring 1 2023 : Download
Autumn 2022 : Download

Please download our RSE Meeting Minutes Summer 2020: Download

In the Summer Term (2020) we consulted parents on our new Relationships and Sex Education Policy. Please find attached a link to a letter sent to all parents to summarise the meeting and to thank them for their input.

Click to download the Class Rep Charter : Download

Click to download the Class Rep Advice Document : Download