Our Extended Community

Our Manby Lodge Community extends far beyond the children and staff in the school each day! All our parents and carers are considered to be “Friends of Manby Lodge”, which in turn is an organisation playing a crucial fund-raising role, as well as organising social events which help build friendships across the immediate school community. Please visit the Parent Community page for the current FOML news, events and for details of how you too can be involved.

Cleves Feeder Status

Since January 2017 arrangements for admissions now give children who attend Manby Lodge feeder status for Cleves.
We work closely with staff at Cleves to ensure that transition for children leaving Year 2 to start at Cleves in Year 3 is smooth and that children are ready for the next stage in their learning journey. Please see the following link for further information.

 View the current Admissions Policy

Elmbridge Partnership

Within the wider educational community we are an active member of the Elmbridge Partnership which represents 32 Elmbridge schools. The partnership steers joint ventures between schools and benefits both pupils and staff through joint training programmes and the opportunity for staff to liaise with colleagues in other schools.

Through the partnership we have access to a Home School Link Worker and this is a valuable resource for supporting families.

Links with Other Schools

We work in conjunction with seven other local schools and together we have formed The Values Group. This sits at the heart of the Manby Lodge philosophy, each year we devise projects for children to participate in together. This gives young people and children from primary through to secondary the opportunities to meet, work and perform together.