Our Extended Community

Our Manby Lodge Community extends far beyond the children and staff in the school each day! All our parents and carers are considered to be “Friends of Manby Lodge”, which in turn is an organisation playing a crucial fund-raising role, as well as organising social events which help build friendships across the immediate school community. Please visit the Parent Community page for the current FOML news, events and for details of how you too can be involved.

Cleves Feeder Status

Since January 2017 arrangements for admissions now give children who attend Manby Lodge feeder status for Cleves.
We work closely with staff at Cleves to ensure that transition for children leaving Year 2 to start at Cleves in Year 3 is smooth and that children are ready for the next stage in their learning journey. Please see the following link for further information.

 View the current Admissions Policy

Cleves, Manby, Oatlands

Three Schools Partnership

In addition to transition activities that are listed above we work with Cleves and Oatlands throughout the year.  At all levels our staff have time to meet one another to share good practice and focus on various projects.

Links with Other Schools

We also work in conjunction with other local schools. We work with local Weybridge schools in particular focusing on moderation of academic subjects.  We also facilitate network meetings for various staff at different levels which allows us to share best practice across our local schools.

Weybridge Charity

Weybridge Charity is based in Weybridge and supports local people in need who help individuals, families, children, elderly residents and carers in Weybridge, through partner organisations.

They fund fresh food and Christmas vouchers through Weybridge foodbank; school uniforms and school trips through our local schools; internet access, fuel costs, household goods and complex needs advice through CAEW.

This link will take you to the Weybridge Charity homepage.


Local Family Centres

There are two main family centres in Elmbridge; one in Walton and one in Molesey.  There is also an additional delivery site in Cobham. The family centres in Elmbridge are operated by Spurgeon’s children’s charity on behalf of Surrey County Council. Spurgeons is a national charity with experience of providing targeted services for the most vulnerable children and young people.

The family centres provide one-to-one family support where family circumstances are having a significant impact on the health, development or wellbeing  of the child/children.

Here is the latest What’s On newsletter for the Elmbridge Family Centre

Runnymede Family Centre works closely with other services and partners that support families, to make sure that they get the support they need, when they need it. The aim of this support is to help families build their own resilience and self-reliance.

Here is the link to their latest newsletter