The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Manby Lodge is proud to announce that we were successful in the reaccreditation of the LPPA in March 2023.
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What is the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)?
The LPPA is a nationally recognised award  achievable by schools who work very closely with the parents and carers of their pupils.
 What did Manby Lodge have to do  to achieve the  LPPA?
How long did it take to achieve the LPPA?
What difference has it made to the families of our pupils?

We had to work towards meeting nine different objectives before we were able to achieve the award. We originally achieved the Award in 2019.

The assessment was made by an external advisor in March 2019. The school started working on the LPPA in 2017, so it took approx.15 months to achieve. Since 2019 effective partnership with parents have gone from strength to strength. We have many mechanisms in place to support this relationship, from Parent Voice Meetings, to a range of formal and informal communications, to and from school. We welcome feedback from parents and continue to reflect on our practice so that we can ‘Be the best we can’.

We know that parents have the most influence over their children. We think that the way to get the best from our children is to develop great relationships with their parents and carers and ensuring that the parents have the tools they need to support their children at home.  We do this through sharing information about our curriculum and offering teacher led workshops and other more informal guidance, for example, we invite  parents into class to learn with their children in sessions called ‘Shared Learning’.

What can you do?

  • Keep up to date with what we have been doing by reading any updates we send you
  • Come along to any meetings or events that we organise, if you can
  • Complete any questionnaires that we send out

What next?

At Manby Lodge we are not complacent. We know that maintaining excellent relationships with our parent / carer community will always be of benefit to the children who attend our school and we will continue to keep parent communication and engagement as one of our key priorities each year.

LPPA Report 2019

LPPA Report 2023