Statement of Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is underpinned by our four values:



Children use our six Learning Behaviours:
Playing and Exploring
Learning Behaviours are introduced to the children when they are in Reception, when the time is right. Each Learning Behaviour is linked to an animal which helps the children to remember them.
Our Curriculum is:

We offer exciting, imaginative learning environments and our staff teach with enthusiasm and passion.

Learning is:
fun, challenging, progressive and purposeful where possible

making the most of our school environment – indoors and outdoors

We work in partnership with parents and our community for trips and visits, we are able to make valuable links that children can recognise, at the same time as exposing children to the wider world.


We nurture individuals from the moment they join us, taking into account any needs and strengths and building on these.

Well-being, mental health and physical development are a key features in our curriculum.

We plan activities so that we can support the growth of each child holistically.

We offer opportunities for children to learn in a way that suits them.


All staff have high expectations and children make excellent progress and to leave us ready for Junior school.

Children take pride in their learning and outcomes are high.

Children develop skills and knowledge sequentially across a range of subjects.

Over time they are given opportunities to revisit previous learning and to make links between different subject areas.