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Welcome to our Parent Community which is open to all parents and friends of the school. Our PTA, Friends of Manby Lodge, organise fun events for our children and social events for parents and carers. They also raise money to provide valuable extra funding for school projects. Examples from this year include: Buddy Benches/ Buddy Bus Stops, learning resources, classroom experiences such as ZooLab, School Councillor hats/ badges, 25% towards all school trips and more to come. Most recently Friends of Manby Lodge have raised funds to provide a noticeboard in the playground so parents have access to a variety of information communicated by the school.
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By Buy Sandoz Phentermine | Buy Generic Zolpidem | No Comments
Manby presents The Greatest Show!!

What a fun day we had at our Summer Fair! Thank you all for coming and a massive thanks to all those who help out!! The children loved the circus
workshops and hula hooper as well as all the game stalls! Luckily the weather was kind to us this time!!!

Our Next Big Project

Our next big project for the school is our playground/ ball court redesign, this
drawing below gives you an idea of the new design, looks exciting!! Your
generous donations are and will help us pay for this wonderful new playground
for our children!

Monies raised so far Sept 2018 – May 2019


Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

Buy Cheap Xanax Bars Online

By Buy Sandoz Phentermine | Buy Generic Zolpidem | No Comments
How Can You Help

Volunteering your time to help with our events and activities! Anything from setting up, running a stall, donating a raffle prize, clearing up….there are many things you can do to get involved! Please email or speak to your Class Rep if you can help.

Christmas Fair

I’m sure you’ll all agree that we had a great Christmas Fair and the kids loved
the Grotto and Ice Rink! Thank you to everyone that helped set-up/ dismantle
the stalls, the weather was pretty awful, and we really appreciate your support!
Thank you also to everyone that turned up on the day to support the school!

Raising Funds

Don’t forget help raise funds for Friends of Manby Lodge whenever you shop
online! Your free donation will go towards many things, for example:-
 Ball Court Revamp
 Hall Revamp
Use easyfundraising to shop with over 3,500 big name retailers including
Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, and – and when you shop,
you’ll raise a free donation for us every time. It’s that easy!

Upcoming events where we need your help:-

Friday, 8th March
Quiz Night – We need people to help run the bar/ set-up and clear-up.
Friday, 29th March – 9.00-11.00
Mother’s Day Shop – We need people to assist the children in selecting gifts
and then putting them in gift bags. All Volunteers must be DBS Checked.

Monies raised so far Sept 2018 – Jan 2019

Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

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By Buy Sandoz Phentermine | Buy Generic Zolpidem | No Comments
How Can You Help

Volunteering your time to help with our events and activities! Anything from setting up, running a stall, donating a raffle prize, clearing up….there are many things you can do to get involved! Please email or speak to your Class Rep if you can help.

Pumpkin Parade

Money Earned £147.15
The Winners were…..
Reception: Wassim Mehdi/ Year 1: Charlotte Cullender/ Year 2: Iona Stewart

Bake & Glow Stick Sale

Money Earned £422.21
Amazing totals for all these events!!

Guide Dogs for the Blind

We Sponsored a Puppy!
Her name is Bella and here is her first “Pupdate”!

Monies raised so far this year

Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

Order Valium Online

By Buy Sandoz Phentermine | Buy Generic Zolpidem | No Comments
Reception Film Night

The children watched Paddington 2. It was a little bonkers but a great fun evening. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event a success, we managed to raise £433 profit from this event which was FANTASTIC!

Freeze Pop Fridays

To accompany this beautiful weather we have held a number of Freeze Pop Fridays at school pick ups. These have generated a whopping profit of £108.50.

Gift Aid It

This month we have managed to claim back from HMRC £1,145 for the sponsored Manby Mile and for last year’s sponsored dance too. This is brilliant news – it’s like FREE MONEY. Thank you!

Manby Fest 2018

All the advertisements are out for Manby Fest. Our first music festival with all the usual Summer Fair stalls and lots lots more! It’s going to be an AMAZING event. Please come along and support on 9th June 2:00 – 5:00.

Monies raised so far this year

Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

Key Dates

25th MayReception Cake Sale

9th JuneManby Fest Music Festival and Stalls

13th June – Father’s Day Shop

13th July – Summer Ball at Silvermere Inn on the Lake

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