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Welcome to our Parent Community which is open to all parents and friends of the school. Our PTA, Friends of Manby Lodge, organise fun events for our children and social events for parents and carers. They also raise money to provide valuable extra funding for school projects. Examples from this year include: Buddy Benches/ Buddy Bus Stops, learning resources, classroom experiences such as ZooLab, School Councillor hats/ badges, 25% towards all school trips and more to come. Most recently Friends of Manby Lodge have raised funds to provide a noticeboard in the playground so parents have access to a variety of information communicated by the school.
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Year 2 Film Night

We held our first ever Film Night for children and their siblings from Year 2. Lots of lessons were learned but on the whole this was a massive success. The children enjoyed watching Captain Underpants with their friends whilst eating hotdogs and popcorn.

And as a result it raised £337.51 for the Year 2 class teachers

Year 2 Sale

Year 2 Cake, Valentines Rose, and Wrist Band Sale

Our first cake sale of the year was a great success. Thank you Year 2 parents for your time, energies, efforts and kind cake donations.

Collectively with the additional sales of Valentine roses and Manby Lodge wrist bands it raised £269.21.

Collectively the sale and the film night raised £606. This equates to £202 to each Year 2 class. Next term the focus will be on the Year 1 classes! WOW!

Monies raised and spent so far this year

Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

Big events this Summer

We have two committees forming for 2 big events this Summer:

Manby Fest – our very first music festival on 9th June
Annual Summer Ball – celebration for parents to mark the end of the school year

If you would like to be involved in the planning of these events, please let us know. We want to involve as many people as possible in making these events AMAZING!

Key Dates for the next Half Term

Year 1 Movie Night
16th March

Manby Mile Sponsored Walk in support of Sports Relief
23rd March

Easter animals
28th March

Year 1 Cake and Egg Cup sale
29th March

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Christmas Fair

Thank you to everyone who took part, came along and generally supported our Christmas Fair. What an amazing afternoon of family fun!

We will soon be able to confirm how much profit the fair made. It is likely to be over £4k, more information to be confirmed soon. We were nervous as to whether the atmosphere would be affected given we brought the time forward to coincide with the lantern parade. HOWEVER, the feedback we have received says that this wasn’t the case. Our fabulous entertainers made sure that the atmosphere was Christmassy and just perfect!

A special thank you to Louise Cote and our very own Steve Bird for this.

Wizard of Oz

This year instead of the Christmas Parties, we used the FoML monies raised to pay for each and every one of our children to watch and take part in a pantomime hosted by the Hobgoblin Theatre Company. Our children had a fantastic time…oh yes they did!

Key Dates this next Half Term

12th January
PTA meeting in the school hall at 9am

26th January
Movie Night (more details to follow)

23rd February
The Infamous Manby Lodge Quiz Night


Best Dressed Stall

Congratulations to Cygnets who won the best dressed stall as judged by Mrs Creasey. Avril, Clare and Jeanette were awarded with the trophy for 2017. Mrs Creasey was especially impressed with the children’s artwork incorporated into the stalls. Well done Cygnets!

Christmas Raffle

Wow – we received over 50 prizes altogether from our generous donors. Thank you to our Christmas Fair Committee who sought these from local companies. It’s not an easy task and we really appreciate this.

As a result, the Christmas Raffle itself raised over £1k of profit. Thank you!

FoML Priorities


Strengthening our links with the local community and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be involved.

Increasing awareness of a healthy balanced diet and exercise, supporting Sports Relief and the BNF Healthy Eating Campaign.

Supporting awards that the school is working towards.

Looking back and forwards at tax relief and funding opportunities.

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Hello and Welcome

Our first half of the Autumn term is already in the bag and Christmas is looming. Where has time gone?

It has been great to meet so many of you at the AGM, the New Parents Welcome drinks, the Pumpkin Parade and the Christmas Fair Planning Meetings.

We have been blown away with your support. This is going to be a great year!

Helping a Latvian Orphanage

Thank you for all of the second hand uniform which was donated back to school. 16 bags full of uniform which carried the old Manby Lodge logo has been sent to an orphanage in Latvia.

They will be thrilled – thank you!

It’s so lovely to help other children in the world – especially those who aren’t as lucky as our little ones.

Our New Committee

Elaine Henderson
& Deborah Stewart


Kate Currie
Vice Chair

Charlotte Drury

Shivaun Butterfield

Usborne Books

With your shopping orders we have managed to generate around £100 worth of free books for our school library. Thank you!

FoML Costume Swap Shop

We have created a Facebook Group to enable us to borrow costumes from one another for our little ones for Christmas Shows, Books Weeks etc.

You can find this linked to our Friends of Manby Lodge Facebook Group or by following this link Order Valium From Mexico

2017/18 Target

We would like to raise £15k for the school this year to improve the facilities in the hall by providing lighting and staging

Manby Fest ‘18

Replacing the Spring Fair, we are hosting our first music festival on 19th May 2018. Currently we are looking for bands / musicians to support this fabulous event.

If you can help, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you. We want to make this an event that the whole community looks forward to each year.

FoML Priorities


Strengthening our links with the local community

Increasing awareness of a healthy balanced diet and exercise, supporting Sports Relief and the BNF Healthy Eating Campaign

Supporting awards that the school is working towards

Looking back and forwards at tax relief and funding opportunities

Pumpkin Parade

This year the parade was held on Halloween. Including a glow-stick sale. We raised £403 from this. Thank you!

FoML Spend this Term

You have invested £305 of charity funds to purchase 4 new cameras. These cameras will enable timely updates to Marvellous Me and to the Manby Lodge Newsfeed – thank you.

Additionally, you have invested in the fabulous new playground markings and the lovely new frog! – thank you.

To replace last year’s Christmas parties – we are delighted to announce that the Hobgoblin Theatre company are coming to perform their pantomime of the Wizard of Oz to all of our children on the 11th & 12th Dec. The cost of £800 has come entirely from the donations received in 2016/2017 – thank you.

Key Dates this Term

Christmas Fair Donation Day
24th November at drop off and pick up

We are looking for good condition table-top sized toys for the toy sale stall and empty clean 2 litre plastic bottles for our eco-lantern stalls as well as:

Reception: small wrapped nut-free chocolates for the sock choc challenge stall (unless you are providing items for your own stalls then just donate those).
Year 1: unopened bottles for the bottle tombola stall.
Year 2: £2 donations towards gifts for the grotto.

Christmas Raffle 2017
24th November
A book of 5 raffle tickets will be placed in your child’s book bag on Friday 24th November for you to purchase by giving £5 and returning the completed stubs to your Class Rep. The raffle this year is amazing with over 40 fantastic prizes with some prizes exceeding £200 in value. More tickets are available. You have to be in it to win it! The draw will be made on Thursday 7th December 2017.

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop
28th Nov from 8:00pm
Get into the festive spirit and book your place on the festive workshop. Just £29.50 (or £24.50 if you have floristry snips) for all the materials, tools and tuition to make your own stunning wreath for your door or table to take away on the night.

Christmas Fair 2017
Sat 2nd Dec 1.30 – 4:00
The biggest date in your calendar THIS YEAR. The Christmas Fair will take place in the playground for children, parents, families… please spread the word! We want to have fun, create some Christmas magic and raise funds for our PTA charity. 100% of all profit will directly benefit out children.

The plan is then to join the Weybridge lantern parade at 4pm from Baker Street, flying the Manby Lodge flag/lantern!

Ensure that you check the school calendar for more key dates and information.

Did you know…

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop, your Christmas presents to your family holiday – you could be collecting free donations for the FoML AND it doesn’t cost you an extra penny!

Head to Buy Cheap Phentermine 37.5 to join. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want. After you’ve checked out, the retailer will make a donation to FoML for no extra cost.

It’s as easy as that! Thank you for your support!

Keep in Touch

Visit our FaceBook Page:
Friends of Manby Lodge

Or drop us a line:
friendsofmanbylodge @

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What a fantastic year! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our events, lent a hand, donated time and expertise, and helped us raise such a fantastic amount to help our school.

We have raised…

Amazing! THANK YOU!

Our End of Term Summer Ball at Silvermere raised over £8,000 to help the school. It was a wonderful evening full of fun and friendship that really brought our parent community together. Thanks to all who attended and to the Ball Committee who did a fantastic job organising such a wonderful event.

The money we have raised together makes such a difference to our children’s school lives. Together this year we have provided:

£1112 Towards school photocopying costs
£1500 Contribution to school fencing
£2000 Contribution to resurfacing the reception outdoor area
£2300 New Trim Trail Play Apparatus
£1750 Creating the School garden
£1800 Musical instruments, and amps
£2000 Enrichment activities, including dance, drama, music and first aid workshops.
£1000 Directly to class teachers through the class cake bakes, for extra classroom resources

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