Key Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2)

Learning in Year 1 and Year 2 builds on the solid foundations the children received whilst in the EYFS.   Our aim is for pupils to become happy, independent, kind and confident learners and we support them to do so in a range of ways.

In Year 1, we continue with provision based learning, where the children have opportunities throughout the day to learn through self-initiated play alongside adult led focussed activities. As the year progresses, children spend more time following adult directed tasks. Moving into Year 2, provision is more adult led, but our emphasis on nurturing and caring for children throughout the school means the children are resilient and this transition is smooth.

We have worked hard on our curriculum to ensure it is broad though still relevant, and the knowledge and skills that children learn are progressive, building from year to year and lesson to lesson. Our teachers across each year group plan as a team, and work closely with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the learning opportunities we provide are the best they can be.

Curriculum Overview

Our staff have a range of experience and expertise in school and much of our planning is created by our teachers who work together to plan. We have also bought into curriculum schemes of work, for specific subjects to enhance the resources and plans we already use. We follow the National Curriculum Framework of subjects as detailed below. We also offer a range of after school clubs, including various sports, yoga, and gardening.

Subject Scheme/ Provider
English Phonics – Essential Letters and Sounds – Oxford University Press – Click here for more information


Talk 4 Writing approach

We teach a cursive handwriting font to the children from Year 1. Reception teach a pre-cursive font to the children.

Reading books are organised by phonics phases, and then by broader colour bands as children move into year 1. We have texts from a range of publishers.

Mathematics Mastery approach following White Rose and MathsBeat using a range of other resources as enhancements eg NCETM
Science We adhere to the National Curriculum.  Range of resources used to support learning. We are using Rising Stars to support what we do.
Personal. Social, Health and Emotional Education Jigsaw PSHE Scheme
Computing Purple Mash
Geography We adhere to the National Curriculum. Range of resources used to support learning
History We adhere to the National Curriculum. Range of resources used to support learning
Physical Education Real PE Scheme

Enhanced PE lessons each week, supported by Sports Coaches.

Religious Education Surrey SACRE

Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education

Music National Curriculum & Charanga Music
Art and Design We adhere to the National Curriculum. Range of resources used to support learning
Design and Technology We adhere to the National Curriculum. Range of resources used to support learning

See our year group curriculum maps for more details of coverage in each subject area each half term.

Our Learning Behaviours and Values are threaded throughout our day to day practice.  These are emphasised and celebrated each week during KS1/whole school assemblies. Within each class, the Learning Behaviours are displayed and children who show these are identified and praised.

-Resilience                                             -Responsibility

-Reasoning                                             -Resourcefulness

-Reflectiveness                                       -Playing and Exploring


We ensure that children have opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classroom.  All year groups have the opportunity to go on trips and outings, and we invite a range of experts into school to give children unforgettable learning experiences.

All children take part in FOREST SCHOOL, which is an outdoors, all-weather, learning experience.  The children constantly surprise us with how much they know and how much they learn when taking part in outdoor education.  They are timetabled in five-week blocks which enables the children to learn outside in two different seasons.


We use a range of methods to assess children to move their learning on.  We constantly observe children, give them plenty of opportunities to show what they understand and know, use partner and group work, work with children individually, and use low stakes quizzes/tests such as spelling tests.  In Year 1 children will be given the statutory phonics screening test, and in Year 2 children will be given a teacher assessment judgement following their SATS (Statutory Assessment Tests).