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By Buy Generic Zolpidem | Buy Cheap Diazepam From India | No Comments
Christmas Fair

Thank you to everyone who took part, came along and generally supported our Christmas Fair. What an amazing afternoon of family fun!

We will soon be able to confirm how much profit the fair made. It is likely to be over £4k, more information to be confirmed soon. We were nervous as to whether the atmosphere would be affected given we brought the time forward to coincide with the lantern parade. HOWEVER, the feedback we have received says that this wasn’t the case. Our fabulous entertainers made sure that the atmosphere was Christmassy and just perfect!

A special thank you to Louise Cote and our very own Steve Bird for this.

Wizard of Oz

This year instead of the Christmas Parties, we used the FoML monies raised to pay for each and every one of our children to watch and take part in a pantomime hosted by the Hobgoblin Theatre Company. Our children had a fantastic time…oh yes they did!

Key Dates this next Half Term

12th January
PTA meeting in the school hall at 9am

26th January
Movie Night (more details to follow)

23rd February
The Infamous Manby Lodge Quiz Night


Best Dressed Stall

Congratulations to Cygnets who won the best dressed stall as judged by Mrs Creasey. Avril, Clare and Jeanette were awarded with the trophy for 2017. Mrs Creasey was especially impressed with the children’s artwork incorporated into the stalls. Well done Cygnets!

Christmas Raffle

Wow – we received over 50 prizes altogether from our generous donors. Thank you to our Christmas Fair Committee who sought these from local companies. It’s not an easy task and we really appreciate this.

As a result, the Christmas Raffle itself raised over £1k of profit. Thank you!

FoML Priorities


Strengthening our links with the local community and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be involved.

Increasing awareness of a healthy balanced diet and exercise, supporting Sports Relief and the BNF Healthy Eating Campaign.

Supporting awards that the school is working towards.

Looking back and forwards at tax relief and funding opportunities.

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