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The children have been very busy carrying out many different activities linked to Anti-Bullying this week. These have included writing friendship recipes, designing and decorating our own odd socks bunting, creating friendship and anti-bullying superheroes and exploring creative ways to highlight who we can talk to if bullying occurs. On Tuesday we also took part in ‘Odd Socks Day’ and saw both children and staff accessorising their outfits with some very colourful and fun sock combinations! We ended the week sharing our learning in our weekly sharing assembly with Miss Morris.  Please see the website “Gallery” for more pictures

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The children in Duckling class were discussing baking at lunch time. After lunch Miss Skinner showed them a clip from the ‘Great British Bake Off’ and the children decided to have their own. They quickly began designing different cakes and used playdough to make their creations. All the cakes were so brilliant everyone was awarded ‘star baker’.   Please see the website “Gallery” for more pictures.

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Manby presents The Greatest Show!!

What a fun day we had at our Summer Fair! Thank you all for coming and a massive thanks to all those who help out!! The children loved the circus
workshops and hula hooper as well as all the game stalls! Luckily the weather was kind to us this time!!!

Our Next Big Project

Our next big project for the school is our playground/ ball court redesign, this
drawing below gives you an idea of the new design, looks exciting!! Your
generous donations are and will help us pay for this wonderful new playground
for our children!

Monies raised so far Sept 2018 – May 2019


Thank you for your generosity. We have now RAISED a fantastic…

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