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Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another exciting year at Manby Lodge where the children have done more, learnt more, become more and been the best that they can be.  Trips to Ladyland farm, Nower Wood and Wisley, visits from Zoolab, African drummers, Bollywood dancers, Hobgoblin Theatre and  Flat Stan first aid training are just a few of the exciting activities that  have taken place this term.  You may also have noticed the new Reception play area  which the children are absolutely loving. There is never a dull moment at Manby Lodge!

Kindest regards
Mrs Creasey

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Iwould like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, we believe that a strong parent partnership is extremely important to the success of Manby Lodge.
The recent School Ball was a resounding success and will allow us to purchase resources for the children that we would otherwise be unable to afford. Our thanks goes to all involved but particularly to Mrs Bailey who led this event. A huge thanks also to the Co-Chairs of FoML Mrs Waddington and Mrs Currie, Vice-Chair Miss Lock and Treasurer Mrs Dury.

Goodbye & Good Luck

Sadly we say goodbye to Mr Davis, Mrs Hutton-Wilson and Mr Cook. We would like to thank them for the wonderful job that they have done teaching and supporting our children and wish them all every success in the future. We wish Mrs Gilchrist lots of luck as she begins her maternity leave and we look forward to meeting her new arrival.

We also say goodbye to our Year 2 children. We wish them all the best in their new schools. They have been a fantastic year group, great ambassadors for the school and their new schools really are very lucky to have them. We shall miss them.

All that remains is for me to wish you and your family a wonderful and well-earned summer break. The new school year starts on Wednesday 6th September and we look forward to welcoming our children back refreshed and ready to learn.

With very best wishes,
Mrs Creasey


It has been a busy and exciting final half term in Reception. We started the half term with a trip to Ladyland Farm where the children got to hold and feed lots of different animals and have a tractor ride across a bumpy field.

We had International Week where the children took part in workshops to learn African Drumming and Bollywood Dancing and each class learnt about a different country; India, Japan and Iceland.  We also spent time learning about countries that have a close connection to children in our classes.  We had a visit from Zoolab, where the children got to hold giant snails, lizards and snakes.

In the creative areas, the children have explored shade and learnt about sculpture where the children have had the opportunity to create their own 3D sculptures with pipe cleaners, beads and buttons. We have also learnt about Kandinsky and created our own art inspired by his work.

In our outside learning environment the children have helped to create plans and share their ideas for the exciting new area that has recently been completed.  We have built a moat in the digging area and enjoyed building dens and castles with the construction blocks.

In the investigation areas, we have been learning more about magnets, healthy eating and different materials. We have also enjoyed playing in our new grossification motorskills area with our new equipment.

Year One

We have had another fantastic term in Year 1! We have experienced fairy tale magic and found a beanstalk in the school hall which inspired us to write our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

This half term in Maths we have been learning about measuring and comparing weight, length, capacity and time.

In Science we have been learning all about living things and how they grow and why they are important to us. We planted our sunflower seeds and we look forward to seeing whose sunflower grows the tallest over the summer!

In Art we have learnt about Marianne North and Georgia O’Keefe and used their art work to create our own.

We have learnt about the 4 countries which make up the United Kingdom. We have learnt lots of facts about each country.

Year Two

Year 2 have had a very busy half term! Following on from our fabulous trip to Nower Wood the children have been learning about different habitats.

The children went “WILD” for the half term and kept a daily diary of wildlife activities that they did each day. They all planted sunflowers and took them home to watch them grow.

Lion and Tiger Class designed a “Bug Hotel” and brought in bottles, sticks, card, straw which they used to make a luxurious home for minibeasts!

Year 2 also took part in a “Flat Stan First Aid Course”. They learnt how to call for help, deal with burns and had great fun practising how to bandage arms, legs and heads!

The highlight of the term has been our leavers play “The Bee Musical “. The children have sung, made props, danced, choreographed and acted! They also learnt a lot about bees and especially enjoyed watching the bees’ waggle dance.

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By Buy Generic Zolpidem | Order Diazepam Online Europe | No Comments

What a fantastic year! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our events, lent a hand, donated time and expertise, and helped us raise such a fantastic amount to help our school.

We have raised…

Amazing! THANK YOU!

Our End of Term Summer Ball at Silvermere raised over £8,000 to help the school. It was a wonderful evening full of fun and friendship that really brought our parent community together. Thanks to all who attended and to the Ball Committee who did a fantastic job organising such a wonderful event.

The money we have raised together makes such a difference to our children’s school lives. Together this year we have provided:

£1112 Towards school photocopying costs
£1500 Contribution to school fencing
£2000 Contribution to resurfacing the reception outdoor area
£2300 New Trim Trail Play Apparatus
£1750 Creating the School garden
£1800 Musical instruments, and amps
£2000 Enrichment activities, including dance, drama, music and first aid workshops.
£1000 Directly to class teachers through the class cake bakes, for extra classroom resources

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By Buy Generic Zolpidem | Buy Ambien From China | No Comments
Dear Parents and Carers,

Yet another very busy half term has flown by and everyone has learnt more, done more, become more and have been the best they can in true Manby Lodge style! Our Rocksteady concerts by the children were fantastic and I continue to be amazed at how much they have learnt and how talented they are.

Thank you to the FoML who over the last half term have organised a quiz for the parents, a disco for the Reception children and arranged for the farm animals to visit us.

Over the Easter break a new fence will be installed around the area covered by the new canopy. This will enable us to provide the best outdoor learning environment that we can for our Year 1 children. The Year 1 classrooms and Tiger class will be accessed by gates that will be part of the new fencing.  I am also delighted to inform you that the school has been able to secure some funding to provide an all-weather surface for  the area in the Reception learning outdoor environment next to the car park which is currently unusable due to the quality of the ground.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all back at school on Tuesday 18th April.

Kindest regards
Mrs Creasey

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who took part in Red Nose Day, we raised an impressive £262!

Absence Request Reminder

If a family needs to request absence in term-time then an Absence Form must be filled in and returned to the school office prior to the leave date. Each request will be considered separately and a decision made based on the reasons for each request. Holiday will not be authorised during term time. Please refer to the Attendance Policy which can be found on the school website. Thank you


Please remember to park considerately and safely. Please do not park across residents driveways or in Barrington Lodge parking bays.

Parking on the pavement is incredibly dangerous for our families as this means that they may be forced to walk into the road to pass. The safety of our children is of paramount importance and a priority. Thank you for your support on this matter.


We have had another successful half term and all the children have worked really hard. We really enjoyed welcoming families to our Mother’s Day cream tea. The children had fun making scones, learning to follow the recipe and measuring the ingredients.

In our Literacy we have revised all phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and continued to work on our blending and segmenting skills. We have been learning about the structure of stories identifying characters, settings, problems and solutions in familiar stories.

In our Maths we have continued to develop our counting skills and we have been learning about addition through games and practical counting activities including the use of the Learnpads. We have also explored measuring length, developing our understanding of how to measure accurately and using the vocabulary of length.

In our creative areas we have been learning about collaging with different materials. We have also spent time learning about observational drawing.

In our investigation areas we have explored magnets and investigated materials which are magnetic and non-magnetic. We have also explored our senses of smell and touch through exploring and investigating different scents and textures.

Year One

This half term in Maths we have been learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also learnt about measurements where the children compared length and capacity.

In English we have been learning about non-fiction books. We learnt about the features and used these to create our own animal book. We have also learnt about fantasy stories and written our own.

In our Science lessons we have been learning all about animals. We have learnt about nocturnal and day time animals and been to the zoo to find more information.

For History we have learnt about the Titanic which the children have really enjoyed! We learnt lots of facts and used these to create an article.

This half term within Design and Technology we have planned, modelled and evaluated clay animals. We looked carefully at shape and texture. We then mixed paint to paint our models.

Year Two

This half term we have been learning about the feature of poetry such as rhythm, rhyme, verses and patterns. We wrote our own poems using rhyming couplets. We then revised the features of non-fiction texts. We used information books to gather information about an animal in order to create our own non-fiction posters. Finally we invented our own mixed up animals and wrote information sheets about them!

Within Maths we have learnt about fractions of shapes and amounts. We have been practising telling the time to the quarter hour and to the nearest five minutes. We found it quite tricky to remember if a time was called ‘past’ or ‘to’ the hour. We learnt about estimating answers to number sentences eg. 43 + 33 will be less than 100. We have also reinforced our mental and written strategies for solving 2 digit addition and subtraction questions.

Our topic this half term has been ‘Living things and their habitats’. We learnt about a variety of habitats and why certain animals were suited to them. We enjoyed looking around our school grounds for examples of animal habitats. We classified animals according to what they eat using the terms herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. We used this to help us create food chains.

Within Art we have learnt about some Impressionist artists and have attempted to recreate some of their works and techniques.

Where Buy Valium

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The sun is out and spring has sprung at Manby Lodge!

The children loved meeting the baby animals who visited from Mill Cottage Farm Experience this week. They held baby chicks,  brushed the goats and donkeys and even fed the lambs! PTA money paid for this surprise spring time treat, so thank you for supporting us and making events like this possible.

In other events this term, Reception classes enjoyed dancing along with DJ Jay at their very first school disco, and the Bedtime Stories we all shared on World Book Day were absolutely mesmerising!

We have now reached a totally amazing…

Thank you to everyone who generously supports our events, what a great caring community we have at Manby Lodge!

The quiz night raised £1520.54, and the children raised £2365.79 at the Sponsored Dance, well done! The Mother’s Day Surprise Shop raised over £250 (and counting) as well as making lots of us smile on Mother’s day!

PTA Projects: How the money is being spent….


We have spent £1500 clearing, building and renovating the brand new school garden for all of the children to enjoy as the weather gets warmer. There are plans for fences and sheds, and to sow and grow herbs, veggies and flowers for bees and butterflies too. It’s looking brilliant but we need to do a little more work to get it going and growing!

Why not join one of our “Family Ground Force Days”? Bring the children to school for an hour on a weekend morning to help us plant, sow and dig and really make the garden their own! Look out for dates and details via email and Facebook after the holidays. If you want to get involved please do get in touch:  or, Instagram: Friendsofmanbylodge,  to know more.

Playground Fencing:

We have just invested £1500 to help the school provide beautiful rainbow picket fencing to complement the canopies, and finish off the outdoor learning spaces for the Year 1 classrooms ,and around the garden area. We cant wait to see it in place after the Easter break.

Save the date for the “Manby Lodge May Fair” on Saturday 13th May, 12- 2pm in the school playground. Celebrate spring time with stalls, games, food, entertainment and fun!

Summer Ball, Friday 7th July at Silvermere Inn On The Lake. Tickets are £50, including reception drinks, canapés, dinner and dancing and will go on sale at the start of the new term. Tables are limited, so register your interest now with your class reps or by email at Don’t miss this magical summer’s evening of fun and fundraising to celebrate the end of the school year in style.

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By Buy Generic Zolpidem | Order Diazepam Online Europe | No Comments

Another fantastic half term at Manby Lodge has flown by, and we have been keeping warm this winter with lots of activities to get us moving!

Year 1 enjoyed dressing up to boogie on down at their Disco. And all of the children danced their socks off at the Sponsored Dance. A huge well done to all of them!

Remember to hand in your sponsor forms and money to your reps or the golden box by Weds 22 Feb.

We have now reached a magnificent…


Don’t miss the Quiz Night! Friday 24 Feb 7.30pm in The School Hall

The legendary Manby Quiz returns…. Cash bar, snacks, and lots of laughs guaranteed. Get your team together ( max 8 ) for what is always a fun evening, filled with useless knowledge!

Tickets on sale through your class reps, £10 per ticket (inc pizza supper)

PTA Projects; Get Involved!

Garden Ground Force Team:

We are working to renovate the school garden area and are looking for green fingered folk to help create this fabulous outside space for our children to enjoy. If green is your thing and you would like to help, please get in touch

Manby Lodge “Summer Ball” Planning Committee:

Plans for our summer extravaganza in July are underway. We are looking for volunteers to join the team to help stage what will be a fun and glamorous event to celebrate the end of the school year in style!

If you want to get involved please do get in touch: Order Valium 10 Mg Uk or Buy Soma Online Us Pharmacy.

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